Allergy Breathe


Wild Crafted Essential Oil Blend

Allergy Breathe: For seasonal allergies, sinus congestion, associated headache & fatigue.


APPLICATION METHODS: As needed. Lightly rub 2 -3 drops in palms, cup hands over nose and inhale. Diffuse in sleeping room (NOTE: Not suitable for animals, so avoid diffusing in rooms where cats, dogs or birds reside). Diffuse in bathroom while showering or while soaking in hot bath.
TIP: Taking a teaspoon a day of raw unpasteurized LOCAL honey year round will help build up immunity to seasonal allergies. Avoid cow dairy products, especially during allergy seasons.

Proprietary blend includes organic Jojoba Oil, Eucalyptus, Ravinstara, Helichrysum, Siberian Fir

Word of Caution: These blends are formulated for adult HUMAN use with much higher concentrations of pure essential oils than is advisable for children or animals, and in some cases use of certain essential oils, not recommended for animal use. Wash hands thoroughly after use before mugging your pets or children, and keep bottles out of their reach.

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