Andrea SobotkaAndrea Sobotka, affectionately known as  “Critter Doc“,  connects with animals on all realms for wellness and understanding.

Andrea Provides Holistic Healing, Wellness,
and a Voice Between You and Your Beloved Pets

Through her natural gift of animal communication, her unique ability to connect with all animals, and her calm gentle healing touch, Andrea creates balance, relaxation, harmony and a holistic sense of well being for your beloved animals…and you, naturally. The health and wellness of our animals, is often tied to our own sense of well being. Andrea’s gifted work with animals (Domestic, Wild & Exotic) provides a state of emotional, physical and spiritual wellness for pets AND their people. CONTACT Andrea today!

Enjoy this beautiful short video of Andrea’s work

Critter Zen Products and Seminars

Shop for Andrea’s own hand poured Wild Crafted Essential Oil Blends for pets and for people, for the health and wellness of mind, body and spirit. Animals require greater care in how essential oils are prepared and applied, therefore, choose “Critter Zen, Wild Crafted Essential Oil Blends” for animal use, or choose “Critter Zen – Human, Wild Crafted Essential Oil Blends” for your own use. Choose and book the right holistic wellness, energy healing, communication, education or mentoring services that are right for your pet and for you.