Animal Care

Animal Communication, Well Care & Energy Healing

Andrea is an Animal SensAbility Master, HTA Practitioner, a Shamballa (MDH) Reiki Practitioner, Natural Earth Medicine Healer, gifted Communicator, and an Intuitive Counselor for pets and their people. She provides a holistic approach that influences the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of animals through energy, connection and intention. Andrea is also experienced with native and exotic wildlife including special rehab and husbandry training with birds of prey, raptors, exotic small and big cats.

Animal Communication

These sessions will help you understand and gain insight to your pet’s thoughts, feelings, behaviors and general well-being. Andrea has a natural ability to share and assimilate information with animals on an unspoken level. Be prepared to provide a list of clear and concise questions and/or messages for the session. For remote sessions, a photo is helpful but not required.

Wellness and Healing 

All sessions begin with an assessment and balancing of the chakra system. Andrea chooses or combines healing modalities as appropriate upon findings and presented issues. Sessions generally run 35 to 50 mins, and end with holistic wellness recommendations for home care as appropriate for both animals AND their people. The well being of the pet is often tied to the well being of their human. For remote sessions, a photo is helpful.

Holistic Wellness Concierge Membership

Some clients want a more intimate and ongoing open line of communication regarding the spirit, mind and body wellness of their pet family and themselves. As a “Holistic Wellness Concierge Member”, each month you will receive; 1 private remote wellness/communication session, Inclusion in a weekly wellness crystal grid meditation & prayer (photo and name of recipient needed), and Unlimited e-mail and/or text communication and support.

Preparing for Rainbow Bridge

When our beloved animals reach the winter of their lives, whether it is due to age or illness, creating a state of physical and spiritual peace, balance, comfort and grace can be the best thing we can possibly do to prepare both pet and parent for the journey to and over the Rainbow Bridge. As a healer, communicator and ordained minister, Andrea provides a caring hand and compassionate heart to help you and your beloved through this final season of life. 

Hands on or remote sessions, Andrea provides PROFESSIONAL yet LOVING attention with a special intuitive connection, in-depth knowledge and experience, and a gentle caring touch for your critter…and you. Clinic (Fountain Hills, AZ), Home, Stable and Remote appointments available.



All services and guidance provided by Andrea Sobotka are designed to enhance the healing process and well-being of animals and do not replace traditional medical or veterinary healthcare, medical diagnosis or medical treatment for illness. Andrea endorses an integrative approach that bridges holistic animal healthcare with traditional veterinary medicine as appropriate. Refer to a licensed medical or veterinary practitioner for medical care or emergencies.


The Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) Body Response Diagram

Physiological Response to Healing Touch for Animals