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Celebrate Your Life!

Show Host Liz Dawn, co-founder of Celebrate Your Life! Productions,  is joined by Andrea Sobotka, also known as the “Critter Doc”! Andrea is an animal communicator/healer and will discuss how she communicates with animals and how you can begin to understand what your pet needs as well.

Intent Healing by Dr. Raji

Our Animal Companions: Master Healers of the Planet!
November 27th 2012

Insight with Heather Hunter Holistic Psychotherapist

On 1100KFNX AM Talk Radio - October 8th 2012

Critter Doc Finds Passion

Published in Let's Go! in the Northeast Valley - October 2012

Crowded Planet Radio with Andrea Sobotka

December 30th 2011

September 9th 2011

Spirit Guides and Totems with Andrea Sobotka On The REIGN

August 23rd 2011