Andrea’s Mission – “Restoring the Balance between Man and Nature”

Andrea Sobotka, aka “Critter Doc”, has a unique and gifted understanding of animals that began as a very small girl. Working with animals is her place of peace and lifelong passion. With a clientele that ranges from puppies to tigers, Andrea practices Natural Energy Healing and Intuitive Counselling through her own method called Animal SensAbility™ . She is also a Shamballa Reiki Practitioner, HTA Practitioner, and a gifted Animal Communicator. She also possesses the unique gift of connecting with Animal Spirit Guides. Andrea has become internationally known for her abilities, has been interviewed on talk shows and is a blog writer, speaker and published author.

Through her vibrant healing energy work, communication with pets and wildlife, as well as her signature ANIMAL SENSABILITY™ workshops, Andrea’s mission is to help restore the balance between man and nature as it was originally intended by Mother Nature. She puts her heart into this mission with every soul she touches by bridging spirit, wellness, understanding and love between animals and their people…and between people and the natural world around them.

Andrea has a long history as a mainstream corporate executive and entrepreneur. As a consultant, leader, teacher and mentor, Andrea quietly utilized her intuitive gifts and unique understanding of the “human animal” to help people she worked with accomplish their projects, goals and dreams. As often happens, at a critical turn of events in her life, Andrea experienced a powerful awakening that ultimately led her right back onto the path she was born to follow….working with animals.
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“It is an honor to earn my keep on this planet Earth, by providing health, wellness and a voice for animals. Healing and harmony between man and nature, begins with creating balance within the spiritual self and by opening the heart to animals and the natural world. It is a beautiful feeling I wish for all to know.”

~ Andrea, “Critter Doc”, Sobotka

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“We are part of the Earth, and it is part of us.” ~ Chief Seattle