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If I could wiggle my nose and make magic happen…

If I could wiggle my nose and make magic happen, I would open the channel between humans and the natural world instantly. Imagine if we remembered that people, plants, animals, and all elements that make up this Earth, are all ONE FAMILY under Mother Nature? Then maybe it would dawn on mankind that our place is as the caretakers of this beautiful planet…not the rulers. It’s a big job, but I think we can do it ~:o}

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Critter Thought for Today

Ok, I understand what is going on with the volcano in Iceland, everyone has heard about the impact on business, air travel, trade, governments, what the ground and sky might look like, we have even heard what challenges farmers might have. But what is the impact on wildlife? Just what is the impact on livestock and pets? What about the trees and the water? Gaia is obviously showing her exasperation, but what is the impact on nature.and is there anything we can do to fix it or help it? I for one think deep heartfelt thought and meditation needs to go into; just how much do we humans care about the state of our planet? Do we love it enough to change our ways?

By Andrea S, Spirit Animal Wisdom For Matters of the Heart, Soul and Enlightened Businesses P Please don’t print this e-mail unless you really need to.

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My Favorite Subject – Spirit Animals and their Wisdom


This is my first blog on my new site ~:o} A little about me and why I put this site here:

Since I was a very little girl, I have always seen the world and people in “critter light”. Meaning I see the spirit animal(s) that is around a person influencing who they are. When I visit a new spot, I look for evidence of the physical or spirit critter life present there. It is just how I understand and relate to my surroundings and the souls I meet. I do not come from any particular culture that does this, but I am always ready to expand my mind and learn more from those that do.

If you love this beautiful planet called Earth, have a love and appreciation for all her beautiful wildlife, and agree that the Spirit Animal world exists to help humanity survive and learn to live in harmony with Gaia by becoming loving caretakers of this jewel in the heavens…then please join us and share your thoughts.

We ask that respect, integrity, and good manners are used when interacting on this site.

Luv, Light, Peace & Strength,

Andrea S,
Critter Doc ♥