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Dreams of a Seer, 2

Dreams of A Seer

“A Selection of Experiences from My Dream Journal”

By Andrea Sobotka

The Magic of Owl and Wolf


Dream Journal entry Dec 10 2009 – Dream space left me thinking hard as I awoke from this surreal but beautiful dream. It takes place in another space and time in which I am a young girl living on the edge of a forest, near the top of a mountain. I recognize the soul of the sibling sharing my dream space as that of my youngest son in this (my awake) realm.

The dream begins with me tucking my younger sister in for the night. It is winter and we are both retiring to the same big, warm bed with a frame and posts made of pine logs. Most of the simple furnishings in the room are made of natural elements including a smooth wooden floor, but rather than wood or brick walls and ceiling, we are nestled under a large clear crystal dome. Outside is a beautiful winter landscape of snow covered mountain peaks, and tall pine trees under a clear night sky full of twinkling stars and a full moon.

 We are very young, but my sister is in my care so I make sure she is comfy and settled on her side of the bed before I settle myself for the night. Then quite suddenly, my sister becomes tangled in a silver spirit rope. I sense a being from another time zone beckoning me from the other side of a veil and I wonder what it wants – then I understand! This being is in need of my help and is trying to get my attention in hopes that I will follow. As soon as I realize this, the spirit rope dissolves away followed by a burst of activity that catches our eye outside just below our dwelling.

We gaze out from under our covers, watching in awe as a massive grey and silver wolf chases an equally large white owl up the snow covered mountain side we are perched on. As they reach the crest of the mountain, both creatures pause dramatically, backlit by rays of blue moonlight. Their majestic beauty and power is breathtaking, and for a moment, time seems to stand still in frozen beauty. The spell is broken as they once again explode from the snow and race after each other back down an angle of the mountain peak. Snow is flying around them, like a brilliant cascade of diamond dust as they race across the rugged terrain, and off into the night.

The magical Wolf and Owl have disappeared, the snow settles, and we dare to breathe again. We turn to look at each other in silent wonder at what we have just witnessed, it felt sacred.  As I return my attention to settling in for the night once again, I feel myself being physically pulled out from under the covers; the being from the other realm is still trying desperately to coax me to follow! The pulling on my left side becomes very strong, so strong, that I awaken from my dream. All is quiet and still, but am left hearing an echo of the number 9.

Sweet Dreams,

Andrea, “Critter Doc”

10 thoughts on “Dreams of a Seer, 2

  1. Extremely vivid ! as I read your very detailed and amazingly beautiful dream you are bringing me in as I if I were there watching this all happen to you..Incredible !… Many thanks for sharing..

    1. Thank you Ron, you actually inspired me to choose this one from my journal to share. I am so glad you enjoyed it. There is another one called “Dreams of a Seer” in the blog list you might enjoy. Keep dreaming ~ Namaste

  2. Hmmm, why don’t you just keep writing? You just had to wake up didn’t you. You really do have a wonderful way with words. Love you!

    1. Thank you sis 🙂 Sometimes I wake up wishing I could return to the dream space (and sometimes I actually do!). This one was so beautiful, it lives forever in my mind…..but I do seem to go to that snowy, mountainous place a lot. brrrr.

  3. Thanks for sharing your incredible journey…..I hope some day to join you on a trip!!!!!

    1. We’ll have to try a dream circle sometime. Camp out.

  4. Andrea,
    Very exciting dream. I’m aware of a connection between wolf and hawk but the owl is a new and interesting twist. That’s what’s so great about dreaming…. we become the puppeteer and the things we place in harmony don’t follow any guidelines. You have a wonderful command of language and I enjoyed reading your dream very much. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Cathy 🙂 Sometimes it is right to keep things to one’s self, and sometimes it is right to share.

  5. Andrea, Let me start by saying it’s an honor to have come upon your fantastic artwork/visions. They are insprirational. I am so drawn to the owl and wolf dream drawing and it has moved me to the point that I’d like to have it tattooed on my body.I have recently lost my 17 yr old cat named Fats and he is visiting 3 or 4xs a week. My dog Dakota past on 8/8/ 2ooo he came and comforted me the day after I had to put him down. He showed me he was young and vibrant not old and sick anymore. I made him a steak dinner that he never got to eat since the vet came to my home early, I was upset about. In my dream he even ate the steak dinner I prepared him that night. I know he came to show me he ate it so I wouldnt be sad about that anymore. He was the best dog in the world and SO CONSIDERATE. I know it was him trying to show me he was ok and to not be sad. Everyone thinks I’m nuts but I know it was him. The odd thing is when I’m seriously upset, he shows up in my dreams. I now am wondering what Fats is doing or trying to say, presently I’ve been very depressed. Any advice?. I live in NY so how can we talk or have a session? Thanks Kelly

    1. Hi Kelly,

      I am happy you found this site, and glad you enjoyed the vision and art represented on this page. Animals bring us so much comfort and wisdom regardless of what realm they are on.
      The artwork is the digital compilation work of a dear friend in The Netherlands. He did this for me after reading my dream 🙂 Yes, he is so very talented (and in quite an intuitive way) at digital art.
      To contact me, just go to the “contact” tab above and send me a message via that form. Be sure to include contact info I can then reach you through. I can do sessions via Skype, phone or e-mail depending on what is being done. We can chat more when we connect. Namaste, Andrea

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