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Water’s Kiss

Words Flow in Poetic Ways

Although I choose to live in the desert where I feel centered, grounded and “home”, I have always loved and sought out the healing power of water, especially when chakra realignment is in order. I think of water as Gaia’s lifeblood; without it she would not exist…and so nor would life on Earth.

Several months ago I had a very vivid dream about water. I dreamt I was the water; I became a wave playing across the top of the ocean. I could kiss the face of all manner of beautiful animals in the sea as they rode with me, beneath me, atop me. The feeling of freedom, peace and harmony was incredible. Yet in this form I felt I held the ultimate power of life, and I awoke just as the enormity of that responsibility settled on my consciousness. I had almost forgotten about this dream until this morning.

Last night I was trying to think of words to describe this new focused feeling that had been coming over me the past few days. A good feeling, but for someone who is used to wearing many hats, serve many masters, and trying to do and be several things at once, this is an odd state. It is as if I am finally purging and gathering all aspects of myself back together. There is a momentum gathering to move forward along the one focused path I was always intended to follow. An exciting prospect, even if I am not entirely clear what that path is yet! Then some words just came to me. The words quickly filled my head up so it was impossible to think of anything else. They seemed to come flooding from within and without at the same time, and insisted on being written down.
These are the words:

Water’s Kiss

She goes unnoticed as she quietly recedes away
Far, far away from the shoreline
The water is forgotten
Quickly dismissed by those on shore
But the water never loses sight of her intended course
She patiently plans her return
Her rebirth
Then with all her might and the forces of currents deep
The water rises and returns home
She exalts!
They say they never saw it coming

By Andrea Sobotka

6 thoughts on “Water’s Kiss

  1. Andrea, that’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Refreshing. Thank you for helping to bring awareness to the beauty, power and importance of her consciousness.

  3. This speaks so much to me, dear ANdrea, I am so glad you shared this…
    I had a ‘simular’ vision lucid dream but I ‘identified with a girl who woke up all alone inside of
    a beautiful forest with tall dark skinned trees and all the leaves where orange…
    orange leaves as a soft blanket at the bottom and beautiful orange tinted leaves at the trees,
    The girl at first was mesmerized but then got scared out of nowhere she was all alone and fear started to fill her body, that is where I decided to step in and become that girl, and could see the fear for what it was…. the unknown, nothing more than paranoia…. this was a beautiful forrest this was a blessing not a curse…. It is amazing how the universal source is making us see things, feel things and think things we’ve never came up with before, change is coming to this earth baby, and we all do have our ‘specialties, our gifts’ that we can use to help eachtohter.
    if it were up to you and me this world will be turning into paradise in notime, before 11 11 11 or all the other mentioned dates, but we gotta be wise (owl) and a little patient, lol!

    1. @Miriamme – what a beautiful dream…or dreamspce travel – you had. Yes, it is true, if it were up to you and me and many other like souls – this earth would be returned to the balanced paradise it was meant to be.



  4. you have many talents my friend

  5. Ahhh :)))))) most beautiful my dear.. and oddly it seems much lighter.. more glorious…lol ..than the first draft.. Words have a way of evolving too :))

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