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Dreams of a Seer

Dreams of a Seer

“A Selection of Experiences from My Dream Journal”

By Andrea Sobotka

The Voice of Spirit Tiger

Dream Entry on June 12 2009 – As I retire for the night in the nest of my soft and safe bed, I have much on my mind. I breathe deep and take myself into a relaxing meditative state asking Spirit for permission to share body space with that of my lifelong totem, the tiger. I want to physically feel her strength and wisdom so that I may set my foot on the right path in the morning. I feel the blood rushing through the veins of my arms and legs, there is a tingling sensation all over my body and then a final twitching as I enter dream-space…

I am standing in a two story lodge located in a wintery, cold, mountainous place along with my husband and my beloved English bulldog dog, Jack. We are visiting family there. We look out the window and see that a large shaggy coated ox with very long horns has appeared on the property. In everyone’s excitement, someone opens a door and Jack gets out! Jack chases the ox and both disappear into the dark depths of the forest beyond the property. I beg for some winter boots and a coat so I can go looking for Jack. As I leave the lodge, night has fallen and now the area is over run with panthers. Some are black and some are white. They are hungry and hunting. I am crying desperately for Jack but I manage to avoid the panthers as I set out on my own to find him.

Miles and miles are crossed as the days pass by. I know this frozen mountain land I am travelling through, I lived here long ago. I even stop at shops and dwellings in villages along the way to visit people I know from the past, gather supplies, and look for clues and signs of Jack. As I depart from an old tack & supply shop, I pass through an exterior shed built of green vinyl siding. I am just about to step out the doorway into the winter-scape beyond the threshold when I see a massive tiger charging at full speed down a snowy valley pathway towards the shed! Sparkly white snow is flying from its giant paws and muscular back as it swiftly approaches. I dive back in across the shed to a far corner and huddle up hoping the tiger has not seen me.

The air is electric, the whole dream-space seems highly charged with energy, and every sensation is magnified a thousand fold; The room seems to glow with a jewel green light reflecting off the shed walls, I feel my heart pounding in my chest, I see my breath crystallize like a million small diamonds on the air in front of me, I hear my frozen hair brushing against the siding as I slowly move my head to look in the direction of the doorway. I stop moving and pray that the tiger has not heard the sound of my hair as well. I try to slow my breathing and I wonder why the tiger has not simply crashed through the flimsy door of the green shed.

As I crouch still as a statue, I hear the magnificent tiger slowly moving through the snow directly on the other side of the wall from me…so close; I can smell her sweet thick fur and hear her even breath. She stops moving, then I hear a deep, loud voice that seems to fill the electric air around me. The big clear voice says; “I AM COMING FOR YOU”. It is the voice of the tiger! The voice seems neither male nor female, but continues on with purpose; “COME WITH ME AND YOU WILL KNOW PEACE”. I don’t move a muscle. I think to myself “ Ya sure! You’ll EAT me and then I will REST in peace!”

As I consider my situation and my choices at hand, I suddenly have a second thought, as if remembering something important, and I am reconsidering the tiger’s words. Just as calm passes over me and a new understanding of the powerful voice begins to cross my mind…I wake up.

Sweet Dreams,

Andrea, Critter Doc

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Invisible Me

Awakening; What happens along the path from “Here” to “There”?

InvisibleIt is a glorious day when we reach the point in our lives where we realize we have finally “AWAKENED”. Upon reaching this enlightened state, we are able to see that others are also awakening at what seems a rather rapid pace. And this is good for the world, good for humanity, and good for the collective soul.

But just what does this mean and what is the path? Well, on the bright side, it means we are awakening to who we truly are, or as some would call it; our “authentic self”. No more are we living in a desensitized existence of limited senses, blurry future vision, and ruled by ego. We are finally about to move from here…to there. “There” is the place of oneness, of happiness, of true fulfillment, of sharing the special gifts we were always blessed with but had long forgotten about. “There” is the place where we can clearly see what is going to become of our world, and of humanity, if we do not lovingly take on the cause of assisting others who are on the brink of the new collective consciousness to make the trip through. “There” is where we decide, at whatever age we are at the time, to make the shift and finally do our life’s work – the thing were truly born to do.

But there is a wee issue that is not really talked about when we boldly strike out on this light path…it is the path itself. In simple terms, as you leave the place you once were, further and further behind, yet the place you are moving towards is not quite in reach yet, you are in between. You are in the space between “here” and “there” and no longer visible to the world you have left, but not quite yet visible to the world you are on the journey to join. This is where we become invisible. Aside from deliberately making myself invisible to avoid unpleasant situations, or to be able to approach a matter with extreme caution, it never occurred to me what it would be like to actually be invisible as a right of passage. Invisible me; it is very uncomfortable, frustrating, sometimes lonely, and a little scary.  Raven Woman

It is the most confusing feeling to feel so full of new promise, ability, power, love and energy, yet no one seems to notice.  In one moment feeling almost larger than life, and in the next baffled as people pass you by, forget you, dismiss you, don’t choose you, and don’t see you; Invisible everywhere but the mirror.

After hiking far out into the desert foothills to escape the very world that couldn’t see me anyways, I found a secluded spot high on a rock outcrop and sat quietly watching a golden eagle and two red tailed hawks languidly circle the air currents above me as if tracing a path in the sky and beckoning me to follow until they soared into the sun. I knew they could see me and didn’t mind my presence at all. I was sharing their space and feeling their energy. In that moment, I discovered a secret, and if there is anything to take some comfort in while experiencing being stuck in the “space between”, it is this: You ARE very visible and very real in some important places – The animal world, all of nature that surrounds you, trees, plants, water, rocks, and of course the parallel worlds that are the very worlds you are becoming tuned into in order to see the bigger picture. You are seen  and accepted in these places.

Maybe the point of being invisible for a spell is to learn to focus our attention on the very things that are often forgotten, dismissed, passed by, and not noticed by the inhabitants of the world we have chosen to move away from. This is the time and place where we can grow, shift and truly practice spreading our wings, learn to fly and try on our new gifts for size in front of an audience who will not only never judge us – they will guide us. This is the living world of our spirit animal guides, our guardian angels, our dreamscapes, our heaven, our house of peace, our light worker school. To truly learn to live without being ruled by ego, (the old world), we have to learn how to become our authentic selves by becoming one with all that is natural, pure, good, and in balance around us. 

TransformationLike the caterpillar who is completely hidden within his cocoon while mother nature works her magic, so too are we in our collective chrysalis of learning, shifting, growing and transforming so that we may gracefully emerge only when we are truly ready to spread our wings and fly…and be seen. 

Love, Light, Peace & Strength,

Andrea, Critter Doc

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California Condor Dreamin’

Question: What does a Condor dream about?

Answer: Soaring strong and healthy, in abundance of numbers, high above the majestic canyons of the southwest, free from the perils of man made litter…. and lead bullets; living in harmony with man.

How do I come to know this or think of this? Because very recently, I had the rare good fortune of looking into the (very red) eye of a California Condor at point blank range while assisting in the feeding and hydrating of this magnificent creature.

 Last week a California Condor arrived at the local wildlife rescue center (where I volunteer) for emergency treatment of severe lead poisoning. Following my “Owl shift” on Thursday evening, my team mate, Terris, and I happened to be the ones on hand to assist Dr Kathy Orr with the tricky business of gently corralling and then treating our esteemed patient.  While the good Doctor and our small team kindly administered life sustaining fluids and food, I could not help but be drawn deeply into the Condor’s soul as I gazed into its eye sending him calming thoughts of healing and love with all my heart. I understood from the level and concentrated return gaze of the Condor, that he knows we are there to help, but is deeply saddened by the unnecessary plight of its species. I sensed an ancient and wise soul who continues to cling to hope for survival on this earth, not just for its own species’ benefit…but ultimately for the benefit and survival of all, including man.

Imagine a world devoid of the presence of Hawks, Eagles, Vultures, Condors, Owls, Ravens, and on I could go! Take a moment to look up in the sky and imagine never seeing the graceful soaring of a Red Tailed Hawk or Bald Eagle overhead. I shudder to imagine such a reality. As 50 species of bird, mammal and amphibian move closer to extinction each year, yet the global population of humans continues increase, what do you suspect is happening to the balance of nature? It is severely compromised and eventually OUR species will pay the ultimate price – we cannot exist alone. It is never too late to take steps toward conservation by doing what is within our individual power to help restore the balance. No action is too small.

Here is one small request; eliminate the use of lead bullets, pellets and BBs. There are other options, if a bullet must be used at all.

It is shocking to know that all condors and an incredible number of vultures, raptors and corvids suffer from varying degrees of lead poisoning. Sadly, we see too many of these cases come through our local rescue center, and despite great efforts, many don’t survive. In fact, this is what is killing off the California Condor. How do these critters get lead poisoning? Just by doing what comes naturally; they look for and eat their usual foods, be it game that is not completely cleaned up by the hunter, or scoring critters that have been killed or wounded by gun use. Since there is still wide use of lead in ammunition, these winged gifts of nature unsuspectingly ingest the lead as well. Think about this; we condemned and tore down schools and homes that had lead based paint on the walls, took toys off the shelves that used lead parts or paint, banned the use of lead based paints – why? We understand perfectly the hazards of lead to humans, yet we overlook the hazards to creatures that are a fraction of our size, density and weight.

Nothing brought me closer to the alarming reality of “extinction” than gazing humbly into that beautiful Condor’s eye. It is so heart warming to know there are many conservationists, biologists, and volunteers, who are dedicated to the rescuing of, caring for, and rehabilitation of these magnificent critters. I am wishing with all my heart for a successful recovery and returning our Condor guest to its natural home soon.  

I hope you will join me and share in the California Condor’s dream of strength, freedom, abundance and most of all, the balanced and harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

 In Love, Light and Harmony,

Andrea, Critter Doc

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Befriending the Wind

The New Year Brings a New Path

As I leave behind 2010 and cross the threshold into 2011, thoughts of where I have been, how I got here, and where I am going are swirling around in gale force gusts…and then some.  What always mattered most, is giving way to something that mattered even more long before society influenced the road I chose.

Money and material possessions certainly still make the economic world tick, but just like the great desert sands, the grains we constantly reach for are forever shifting, piling, and sifting with the whim of the changing winds. One day the sands are gathered to such a magnificent height the sun is blocked out.  The next day, the grains are reduced to thin and fragile wisps that can’t seem to find a footing on the hard surface.  Yet, for centuries on end…chasing those grains of sand to see who can get and hold the most before the wind blows it though our fingers, seemed to be all that mattered.

We still live in a very material world, but I sense a great shift happening. It is no secret that as an economic human society, we feel our walls beginning to quake.  Maybe it is time to acknowledge and respect the power of the wind. I used to think there was no greater way to touch reality than to feel my own power closing that large deal, expanding the bottom line, winning the next big promotion, or deciding which trip to spend that bonus on. Sometimes I was on top, and sometimes I found myself climbing the sand hill again. Always chasing the grain, yet always feeling there was something….missing.

Then I hit a wall. I found myself suspended in a void that seemed like a great black nothingness. I realized that somewhere along the way while chasing those sands like everyone else; I had forgotten who I was. And then I woke up – literally – as if from a great sleep.

As a child, reality and happiness revolved around a few very simple things; a loving family, my dog, my “imaginary” tiger, my friends, listening to music, and most of all…being as close to nature and animals as I could possibly get. Bliss was wandering deep into the forest with a PB&J, sitting quietly to see how close the forest critters would come to me, chatting with birds and squirrels, or catching a glimpse of larger forest creatures as we crossed the same paths. I was always finding and trying to help or save some little critter, (my mother drew the line at baby mice). I believed that just holding them in my hands would help because that is what my heart told me. THAT was my reality….until I grew up.

Several years ago (while chasing sands) I was lucky enough to put the palm of my hand to the paw of a tiger.  I was in awe. I recalled that moment again a few years ago as, one day, I was patient enough to sit still and let many hummingbirds land on me. Then it began to snowball. As the grains of sands were getting trickier to catch and keep, I found myself seeking the comfort and clarity of my childhood world – getting close to nature and animals again. As I take my morning and evening walks, hike in the desert hills, or even just driving around, I am always looking for and delighted to encounter one of Mother Nature’s beautiful creatures; a red tailed hawk, a bunny, a coyote, a humming bird, a chatty raven, a snake, a bobcat, and so on.

Those grains of sand are still needed to make the world tick, but what truly makes me feel alive and real and true to my authentic self has evolved back to some simple things; family, friends, my dog, my great spirit animals, listening to music, and most of all revering in the beauty of nature and its critters that surround me. Helping or holding a critter of any kind is what makes my heart sing. Going forward into 2011, I vow to be true to myself, befriend the wind, and do what makes my heart feel full – The rest will follow on the breeze as it should…even the grains of sand.


“Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All, and Abundant love, to critters great and small.”

Hugs and a truly Happy New Year,

Andrea, Critter Doc

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Winter Solstice and Our Critters

By now you must be feeling the high energy vibrations of this special Winter Solstice as it approaches. Its monumental arrival this year will be on December 21st. We are not the only beings that will be feeling the energy – observe your critters closely! The animals in your life will be very aware of the great energy shifts created as the axis point of the northern hemisphere reaches the point in time in which it is the furthest from the sun.  Some of the signs to look for that is evidence of the ways in which your beloved critters are marking this galactic and spiritual moment in time are:

  • More bouts of high energy , or “craziness”, than usual
  • Restlessness;  wanting “out” more, or demanding more attention from you
  • Seem to be “listening” intently for, or to, something (dogs may woof at nothing)
  • Looking fixedly at something, indoors or outdoors, that you do not see
  • Unusual  levels of aloofness (especially in our feline critters), or seeming “preoccupied”
  • Seem to be “waiting” for something; much the way they act when anticipating your arrival
  • Stepped up protective behavior

Let your pet know that you understand and are also aware of the coming event. Share your good energy by way of gentle touch, soft words, and even meditating close by your critter while they are at rest. Winter Solstice creates the opening of a portal that makes the birth of new ideas, ability, gifts, peace, harmony, great changes, wisdom, and positive energy in general possible at incredibly high speed and magnitude. This is a perfect time to consciously connect with the soul energy of your animals, (physical companions and spirit guides alike), to honor Gaia, yourself, and the life in which we are blessed to live by offering love, peace and healing on all realms.  If you are concerned that your critter seems over anxious or unable to chill, offer treats infused with lavender as well as burning relaxing lavender incense at night. For yourself, keep a clear quartz crystal close to your upper Chakras daily. If possible, wear one around your neck. If you have a way to place clear crystal quartz safely around your pet’s neck, please do so.

This year, the winter Solstice is marked by planetary phenomena that has not happened in 556 years; a full eclipse of the moon! When this happens the moon will appear red, hence the name “Red Planetary Earth” on the Natural Time Calendar. On the 21st, Shamans, Healers, Medicine Women, and Intuitives all over this planet will be praying for Peace and a Healthy Earth – Please join the circle.

Here are some facts to consider:
This coming Solstice brings the exact, 2-year Synchronization with the Closing of the Mayan Grand Cycle on December 21, 2012 which is heralded as the return to Zero; Completing this World Age, and the 5,125 year cycle of recorded History… On the Natural Time Calendar, this day is “Red Planetary Earth,” and “1 Muluc” on the Traditional Count.
The December 20/21 event is the first total lunar eclipse in three years. There will be two more in 2011.
In the Americas, where the eclipse is visible, it happens overnight December 20-21. Here’s the timing:

Partial eclipse begins 1:33 AM Eastern December 21
Total eclipse begins 2:41 AM Eastern December 21
Mid-eclipse 3:17 AM Eastern December 21
Total eclipse ends 3:53 AM Eastern December 21
Partial eclipse ends 5:01 AM Eastern December 21
The exact Solstice is at 3:39 pm Pacific Time on December 21.

“As the Moon appears to darken, it will actually turn a deep shade of red. The entire event lasts three-and-a-half hours. Within that, the period of totality is 72 minutes. All the phases of a 28-day lunar cycle will be condensed into three-and-a-half hours. Beyond the Full Moon, 26,000 light years away, lies Galactic Center, the heart of the Milky Way. Gazing in this direction activates your cellular memory, awakening wisdom codes deep within your being”. ~ Allison Rae

No WONDER the Medicine of Spirit Owl has been so strong lately! Owl will guide us in seeing beyond the darkness (Eclipse and longest night) to discover truth, wisdom, and right action. Wrap yourself and your beloved Critters in Owl’s wise gift as we move through this powerful transition.


Happy Winter Solstice and Namaste,

Andrea, “Critter Doc”